Our Philosophy

Smarter as Standard

Our independence, breadth of experience and technical expertise allow us to build a bespoke approach for our clients’ specific needs. Our ‘Smarter as Standard’ philosophy is the north star for building our approach and response to every brief. This ensures we deliver highly effective and efficient solutions driven by best in class client service and operational excellence.

Through Smarter media planning & creativity we are able to say the right thing, at the right time, to the right people.

Smart Media

  • Media optimisation
  • Data-driven audience insights
  • More relevant target audiences

Smart Creative

  • Dynamic Creative
  • Optimisation
  • Data driven dynamic content

Plexus was founded on
the principles of Speed,
Simplicity and Trust.


  • Clear Communication and workflows.
  • One team with common goals and an efficient approach.


  • Keeping things open ensures we keep from overcomplicating challenging tasks.
  • We are focused on adding value and ensuring the central OOH strategy is at the core of all our decisions.


  • None of this works if we don’t work with the right people, and trust the job gets done in each local market by our teams and partners. Talon office, acquired businesses and trusted associates form the structure of the network.
  • Ultimately, this is about accountability, not only about making campaigns happen but also ensuring that OOH continues to be a place for brand safety.

Our Global Network

  • 20 Offices

  • 75+Markets

A dedicated global OOH team with a common purpose

A network with operational consistency across markets

A place where brands can expect transparency and accountability

Our Partnerships

The importance of Global Partnerships & Relations

Plexus prides itself on having strong global partnerships and relations around the world, its part of our DNA. As OOH advances at such a pace, we believe strong partnerships & relations are key to our evolution and growth. This ultimately keeps our clients at the forefront of global developments while ensuring we deliver on our founding principles of Speed, Simplicity & Trust.

To maintain the high standards we set, we work with all our partners to develop specific Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). The attached Manifesto is adhered to by all to ensure our work continues to be Smarter as Standard.

  • Talon International offices
  • Partner specialist International offices
  • Global & local OOH governing bodies & trade associations
  • Global & Local Media Owners
Making global OOH Smarter as Standard

Making global OOH Smarter as Standard

With intelligent targeting we can deliver clear, consistent communications in data rich, highly emotive OOH environments.

Through technology, creativity and effective measurement, we are driven by bringing campaigns to life around the world that are always Smarter as Standard.

  • Roadside
    Billboards, Shelters, Posters, Banners
  • Leisure
    Cinema, Universities, Bars, Clubs, Gyms
  • Transport
    Rail, Taxi, Bus, Airport
  • Retail
    Mall, Supermarkets
  • Ambient
    Non-traditional creative solutions, experiential
  • Digital Optimisation
    Multi format digital
  • Consultancy
  • Sponsorships
  • Mobile

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